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Inviting, Fun and Accurate... The Free Air Station™





Build Goodwill with Cyclists.


Your Free Air Station™ will become the center of attention for cyclists at your store or facility. It's ideal for earning repeat visits and goodwill.


Cyclists love using the Free Air Station™. They make tire inflation fun, with the added benefit of helping do it more easily, more safely and more accurately than anything else. This is a first.





Form and Function!


Setting pressure is fun with the bigger-than-life gauge, easy-to-use adjustment knob and colorful interface. These sleek and inviting, 24" x 30" stations attract a lot of attention and affection.


Amazingly accurate. Accurate to 1 psi.


For bike stores, take the pressure off your staff and help customers feel comfortable asking for air.


No electricity needed in the Free Air Station™, making installation easy and safe inside or outside. Air compressor stays out of sight.


Customize Your Free Air Station™







Dial and Inflate.


It's just that easy. Customers get it immediately. No more trial and error process of inflate and check, inflate and check, inflate and check, to get the right pressure in the tire. Simply set pressure as needed and inflate. It turns a 150-psi line into a line suitable for any tire, for safer inflation.










Beautiful full-face, single-piece, glossy acrylic shield with formed-in dome to protect the gauge. At a glance and up close, the Free Air Station™ is attractive and striking. It's a real eye-catcher.



"It's a win-win..." - Ted Ernst, Bicycling Hall of Fame Inductee


"I really enjoy using the Free Air Station. Its ease of use is ideal. Bike shops as well as other businesses or institutions needing to inflate various items will find it invaluable. It's a win-win for both customers and Free Air Station owners. I would have loved one in my bike shop," said Ted Ernst, former bicycle racer, bike shop owner, and Bicycling Hall of Fame inductee, with over 65 years experience in the bicycle industry.




Lock your Free Air Station into place and/or bring it inside at the end of the day. Placement and removal take about 10-15 seconds. Retractable air hose hanger makes fitting into available space and transporting easier.

Technical Specifications


Attach and Detach Air Station in 10-15 Seconds
Stainless Steel, Aluminum and Brass Metal Components Used Throughout for Esthetics and Durability
Glossy Clear Acrylic Cover/Dome with Sturdy Plastic Structures Supporting and Housing World-Class Components
Unsurpassed Gauge Accuracy (Industrial air pressure gauge manufactured in USA by world's top bourdon tube gauge maker, accurate to 1% over 0-120 psi span)
High Performance Regulator for Responsiveness in Pressure Setting and Inflation (Industrial precision pressure regulator manufactured in USA by top regulator maker.)
Operating Temperature Range of Air Station is -40° to 150° Fahrenheit
D.O.T. Fittings and Tubing Inside for Maximum Strength
Water/Weather Resistant (can leave outside 24/7)
Lock in Place with Padlocks
Minimal Mounting Footprint on Wall (4 screws)
Retractable Hose Hanger (doubles as carrying handle)
Durable 25' Hose with Space-Saving Compact Coils, Reinforced Base and Comfortable Grip Handle. Feels Great in Hand.
24" Wide x 30" Tall x 5" Deep (plus 1.5" for Knob and Dome), Large Poster-Style Engagement
Customize Your Free Air Station
Installation Guide







Press Release: For Immediate Release - AIR JUST GOT BETTER


Free Air Company’s Free Air Station™ transforms public bicycle tire inflation from an often daunting chore to a simple, fun and safer process, for the first time in the history of cycling.